jimtlay item forever logo jimtaly ItemForever are selling sewing thread, sewing accessories, ribbon, sewing needles, etc. Wholesale and retail are welcome.
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How do we ship

  • Fast delivery, excellent packing, item exactly as described. We accept return, exchange and refund. We will either use United States Postal Service (First class or Priority mail) or Fedex ground as our shipping carrier. Usually, it will take 2-5 business days to delivery.

Shipping Fee

  • Shipping fee is based on item weight and distance.
  • You can enter your zip code to calculate shipping fee for each item.
  • All items weigh more than 50 pounds, please contact jimtaly@gmail.com for shipping fee detail.
  • The product Shipping rate is for domestic only. International Shipping please send us for invoice.
  • We do have combined shipping discount. If you buy more than 1 item and ship it to same location, we will calculate the exact shipping fee, send out invoice to your E-mail.

International customers, please note

  • We use first class or priority mail for international shipment. please contact us with your paypal email for invoice.



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